Feb 8, 2018

The benefits of being surrounded by so many people from different backgrounds

I have only been living in Vlissingen and studying at HZ for half a year, but I must admit that I have never been surrounded by so many different nationalities. For such a small town there are hundreds of different nationalities found here.

Cultures, tastes and way of life

Being surrounded by so many different nationalities I have learned so much of their culture, tastes and way of life. I have also become more understanding, open minded and more tolerant towards other cultures. I think that simply greeting someone in their mother tongue can brighten their day and really show that you care about them enough to speak to them in the language they are most familiar with.

stephanie and friends.jpeg
Me and my international friends! I'm the second person from the right. 

Cooking for each other

Being surrounded by many people from different backgrounds also expands your tastes, buds. As students we always try to help each other out and one way we do this is by cooking for each other. I have tried foods and drinks from places like Mexico, Peru, Pakistan, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and The Netherlands as well as many more places. This is a great way to share your culture with other people.

Learn more languages

Being surrounded by people from many backgrounds has inspired me to learn more languages! I have taken the initiative to learn Spanish and I have become super interested in their culture and traditions. The Spanish speaking people around me are also extremely helpful and teach me some words and phrases and correct me when I am wrong.

Multicultural place called Vlissingen

Making the decision to live in Vlissingen has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I am so glad to live in such a multicultural place and I hope you, as a reader, will take the leap and join us here!

If you have questions regarding the international community in Vlissingen, please talk to our study advisor

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