Feb 23, 2018

Easy ways to get yourself a bike in Vlissingen

Dutch people are known for using bikes for traveling within cities. Are you going to study in the Netherlands? Then you probably need a bike too! At the moment, I study at HZ University Of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen and since Istudy here I have a bike too. In this blog I tell you about cycling around and I did some research how to get a bike. Read my blog and be prepared!

What is it like to cycle around in the Netherlands

Here, in the Netherlands, it is common that cyclists have a lot of privileges. As a matter of fact, people using bikes don’t have to be scared of cars while they are cycling. The government created cycle lanes on all most every street. Wherever you go by bike, there is always a cycle path nearby where you can cycle safely. For instance, sometimes you find one lane for cars and even two lanes for bikes. Obviously, for two different ways. easy ways to get yourself a bike in vlissingen.jpg

Where to buy a bike?
First of all, you need to decide which bike you would like to buy (mountain bike, road bike,…) and how much you would like to spend. It is really important to decide how much you’re able to spend from a range of 50 euros to 150 euros or more, so you will know where to go.

Places in Vlissingen to buy a bike
Now you know what kind of bike you prefer and how much money you would like to spend on it, you can look for places where to buy. There are two different alternatives where you can buy one: in a shop or online. Please know that bikes in the shop are generally more expensive than if you buy a bike online.

  • Shop

There are different shops in the city center and in the neighborhood:

  1. Roose Tweewielers: this shop is close to the city center (for those who arranged accommodation via APV; this is also close to the APV Campus). It is next to Domino’s pizza. The prices are high, but the quality and availability of the shop assistants are really nice;
  2. Rijwielshop Station Vlissingen: this shop is next to the train station. This shop is a bit further away far from the APV campus and the city center (about 40 minutes walking), the price is high but the quality of the bike is good.
  3. De Fietsenmakker Vlissingen: this is in the north part of the city and it’s about 20 minutes walking from APV campus. They provide a good custerservice, but the prices are a bit higher too.
  4. Kringloop Vlissingen: this is a thrift shop and they have bikes. The shop is really close to HZ and sometimes they have occasionally cheap bikes. It is worthwhile to visit this shop first and look for a second hand bike.
  • Online

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your bike, you can search for a bike online:

  1. Get rid of it in Vlissingen: this is a Facebook’s group where you can have the possibility to buy bikes from other students who are leaving the city, the prices start from 50 euros, if you find a good bargain, but usually the prices are around 70 to 80 euros. This is also a good spot for buying second hand books by the way!
  2. Marketplace: this is also in Facebook but includes a bigger range than the closed group before. Here, you could find people that are selling bike for less than 50 euros! But pay attention to the quality!!
easy ways to get yourself a bike in vlissingen 2.jpg

My experiences so far; I can sleep longer! 
From my experience as a student at HZ, I think that a bike is really important to get you from A to B. Everyone has one! At the beginning, I thought that it wasn’t really necessary, but after a while I realized that to go from the APV campus to HZ by bike only took 7 minutes. Now I can sleep longer ;-). Also, you have the possibility to do some sight-seeing by bike with your new international friends! For example, Middelburg is only 30 minutes of cycling from Vlissingen!

Good luck and thank you very much for reading my blog!

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