Feb 20, 2020

How to find student accommodation in The Netherlands?

Before we begin, it’s important to know that the Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.  Especially in the bigger cities it's a daunting task to find proper housing.  When looking to study abroad, keep in mind the location of your university and the chances to find proper housing in the area. There are parts of The Netherlands where finding a student accommodation is more easy.  HZ is located in the southwest of The Netherlands (Middelburg and Vlissingen), where it is actually quite easy to find proper accommodation. Moreover because the university have partnered several housing corporations. 

  • What is accommodation in Zeeland like?

    Most rooms are found in shared student houses. They are usually homes for three to seven students. This means that you will get to know new students right from the start of your stay. In most student houses, you will share common areas like the bathroom, kitchen and, if you have one: the living room. Costs like electricity, water and internet are usually included in the rent. Most rooms are furnished, but there are also rooms that you can decorate yourself. Houses with a common living room tend to have a stronger social life than houses without one. To get a good idea of what living in a student house is like, check this first-hand experience blog.

  • When should you apply for a room?

    HZ has partnered with a housing company (APV) to make it easier for students to find a good-quality place to live in. After you have received your letter of acceptance, you can apply for a student room with this organisation. Make sure you apply in time (preferably early spring) such that you can find the room that best suits your needs and preferences.

  • Where can I find a room?
    Renting a room via one of the partnered organisations is a safe way to find a good-quality room.  HZ has partnered two housing corporations: APV and Villex. 

    1. Housing Corporation APV
    Accommodation Portal Vlissingen (APV) has hundreds of rooms and studios throughout Vlissingen and they offer some accommodation in Middelburg. Prices start at € 250 per month all-in and increase depending on the size and comfort level of the room one prefers. Renting a room or studio with APV means you will have a high level of service. All of their houses have internet connection, a washing machine and tumble dryer. Once a week, the communal areas are cleaned free of charge. When you meet new friends at HZ, you might want to live together. At APV, you can apply for a student house together with a group of other students.

    2. Villex
    Next to APV, Villex has various living spaces in Middelburg. Besides houses, apartments and (student)dorms, they offer studios and offices. Would you like to be considered for a nice living- or working space with Villex? Take a look at their website what you should do to own your own living space soon.

I'm sure you will find a room available that fits your budget, but make sure you apply for a room as soon as possible. I am in contact with APV and Villex, so if you require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact me

Good luck! 

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