Dec 27, 2019

My Experience With the Aquaculture Research Group

Originally posted on November 23rd, 2018

Hi Everyone :) if you are a student of the Delta Academy or of any other University and are looking for an internship that has to do with Aquaculture then this research group might be exactly what you are looking for. I am currently doing my third year internship with them and I am liking it a lot!

What am I researching, and why is it relevant?
In a nutshell, the project I am working on is a research with microalgae (specifically Rhodomonas sp.) and their response to different nutrients availability. Indeed nutrients can have a strong impact on the growth rate of this microalgae.

IMG_20180917_111214406 2

Rhodomonas sp. in diluted samples

The results of my research will be used to advise a company that uses Rhodomonas sp. as feed for copepods (small aquatic crustaceans). Finding out what amount of nutrients enables the highest production of Rhodomonas sp. while leaving as little unused nutrients as possible could help the company save some money on the purchase of nutrients.

IMG_20181002_145719641 2

Rhodomonas sp. seen under the microscope

What am I learning

I was never engaged in such a long project before, and I am learning to manage many aspects of it. First of all, I am learning my way in the lab,  getting always more comfortable in my "lab coat" and I am finding out that this might be one of the fields I will want to work in once I will graduate. Secondly, I am learning things about aquaculture, microalgae and their importance in the food sector. Moreover I am also improving my report writing skills. 

What does the working environment looks like

When working with the Aquaculture Research Group you will be given a desk in the office room together with all the other interns of the Delta Academy. The environment is relaxed and surrounded by students that are in your same situation.

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