Mar 31, 2021

Studying abroad: how to handle homesickness and living on your own

It`s time to go to university! Discover new places, a new culture, a new language, new people and new challenges. Are you ready for it? Whether your answer is yes or no, keep reading.

A new beginning
I bet you are enthusiastic about the idea of a new beginning, moving away from home and living on your own. I can't deny it's a wonderful and unforgettable experience, but it is not as easy as it seems. You will be responsible for a lot of things and this requires being a good manager with your time and money.

Try it with friends and build memories
The fridge doesn't fill itself. Mom or Dad is not there to cook your dinner. The laundry doesn't hop into the washer by itself, neither do the dishes. The drier isn't designed with an ironing function. Are you shocked or scared? Calm down! There is a beginning for everything and there are a lot of "How To ...” tutorials on the internet which can help you. I'd never ever cooked anything in my life before university, but the situation forced me to do it. Well, at least try it. It's such a fun experience to try something. You get a mix of feelings of excitement and fear of failure that makes you proud if you succeed. It is even more fun if you try it with your friends and build memories together.

How to cure homesickness
Homesickness is a common feeling among first-year students, but it can be cured very easily. How?

  • The number one rule is to keep your mind busy. Make new friends, go out, cook dinner together, play games, watch movies, go party, get busy! There are a lot of activities that you can fill your schedule with. I know parties are fun and everyone likes to party, but don't neglect your studies either. A hangover before the exams won't help you focus on studying.
  • Internet and technology come in handy when you start missing home.
  • A short call to home can make your day. Don't have long conversations otherwise your homesickness will only intensify.

Your first year is considered to be the growing-up phase needed to transform you into an adult. It's going to be fun, but difficult, it's going to be interesting, but exhausting. By the time you are going to figure it out how to balance all your responsibilities it's gonna be the end. Just do your best and don't forget to make memories!

 Good luck and have fun! 


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