Apr 22, 2020

How study fairs can help you by deciding if you want to study abroad

When I arrived in the Netherlands to begin my studies, my first step was naturally to find friends. Of course, we all wondered how fellow foreign students found out about the Netherlands, why they chose for this country and more piles of questions. Fifty percent of respondents said that thanks to study fairs, they were headed here to continue their education. The other percentage, of friends and relatives. But thanks to the study fairs, my parents trusted me and now I'm here to follow my dream.

So, let me explain a little more why study fairs are extremely useful.

Study fairWhat is a study fair?
This is a fair at which different universities present themselves, which allows you to pursue higher education with them.

How is it organised?
On the fairs I went to were mostly countries from the European Union (Austria, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands) and the United Kingdom. These countries are positioning their stands and people who are interested can ask them questions. Each country has one stand and it is positioned in a specific sector in the hall. In this sector, there are many different strands of universities from the respective country.

How to prepare in advance and what to expect?
I'll give you some tips that might be helpful.

  1. Prepare a few questions in advance: fees, approximate cost of living and housing, the structure of the programme you chose, and your university location and remember to ask for contacts.
  2. Very often the company that organizes the event also deals with the application of those who wish to study abroad, so take also their contacts.
  3. The information that you will receive will be directly from the source. You will meet with the students at the fair who will be extremely helpful to you even when you leave, you will have already made contacts and seen familiar faces. The information you will get from friends or relatives is not always accurate.
  4. Ask many questions without fear and prejudice, do not let them breathe 😬

Have they helped me and will they be useful to you?
Before attending a fair, I had never considered studying abroad. I had no idea what I wanted to study, and I definitely enrolled with curiosity. But after my first fair, I already knew what I wanted and where I wanted it. I went in like myself, I went out like another person. So much information I had to memorize, and most of all, I was motivated to embark on this adventure. I don’t regret anything, even if it wasn’t these study fairs, I would never be in the Netherlands and pursue my dream. I recommend everyone to go, even if you do not think that studying abroad is for you. You never know what can happen. One example is myself, I know people from all over the world, I practice my English every day and I love my freedom now. I would not replace my experience with anything else. Last advice from me,  try and you, you dо not know what your destiny is preparing for you 😀

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