Apr 19, 2018

What's it like to be a Tourism Management student?

If you are reading this blog right now, I can suppose that you are curious about Tourism Management program at HZ. I am a third year student of Tourism Management and I have some experience within this field already. In this blog, I answer some of the questions you might be asking yourself about the Tourism Management program.

What is the Tourism Management program about?

Tourism Management is a very broad definition and there are different branches involved. In general, students of this field have a journey all around the world by exploring diverse cultures, customs and behaviors while at the same time implementing business ideas into a particular field. Since the program is pretty broad, it is divided into four separate specializations:
1. Development of Hotels, resorts and parks
2. Guiding of gastronomy to advance restaurants
3. Stimulation of visits to destinations and events
4. Promotion of wellbeing and healthy lifestyles

There is an opportunity to choose one module that you feel passionate about and specialize on that. Does this mean that the group will be divided and classes will be held separately? No. All theoretical classes are the same for the whole class. However, the practical project will be focused on a chosen area and the theory has to be applied to that particular specialization.

What courses are offered in this program?

I personally appreciate my study program for being diverse and varied. Since tourism is a broad environment, there is a huge variety of programs you can follow. Obviously, there are courses related directly to tourism such as leisure and tourism courses. However, since this program evolves the word “management”, there are some business related courses offered. These are marketing, human resources, financial management and other. In addition, we have theoretical and practical classes related to wellness. For example, vitality & wellness in the first and second years. There are much more courses that are focused on developing your creativity skills, research techniques and analytical thinking. For example, intercultural communication, research techniques, corporate social responsibility, imagineering and other.

Are there any practical insights? What are they about?

Yes! There are many practices where students are able to apply their knowledge in a real business. Depending on the chosen specialization (discussed in the answer to the first question), there are projects related to this particular field. For example, if you choose the module about wellbeing promotion, you will be able to work on developing creative ideas concerning vitality aspects for the real organization. I just forgot to mention that every specialization involves working with real business companies around the Netherlands and on an international level! So, you can dive into a real business world and be prepared for the future career!

What skills can I gain in this particular program?

Every program at HZ brings specific valuable skills for the rest of your life. By relying on my own experience, while cooperating with fellow international students, different organizations, working on projects, I definitely developed communication skills. Tourism program brings a lot of presenting and I am now able to perform better than before. Plus, my commercial skills were developed. It is different for every person but these are my observations from past experience.

What are other differences of Tourism Management from other programs?

I am proud to share something that you can not find in any other business related programs. As you could observe, apart from other studies, following a tourism program, you have a freedom to choose more specific building block that interests you more. You can work with a client in the field that is connected to one of four specializations. Did you hear about it before? Besides, during first and second years of study, there is a possibility to go on a study trip in order to broaden the knowledge about tourism environment. It is a five to seven days trip abroad to a different destination during spring period. Different excursions and company visits are organized during this trip. From my past experience, I can mention that on my first year, the trip was organized to Budapest. On my second study year, we had an amazing trip to Porto. This year, second year students went to Ibiza. These trips are unforgettable experience for students. It is a combination of study, fun and new cultural experience. In addition, it is a great opportunity to get closer with your fellow students. As I know, everyone enjoyed these study journeys and did not regret!

What kind of careers are available after graduating from Tourism Management program?

Some people tend to think Tourism Management is only about working in the office and selling holiday packages. However, this is a huge mistake! There is a wide range of career opportunities. You can proceed by working as hotel or SPA manager, event organizer, PR manager, financial executive, leisure activity coordinator, travel agent, etc. There are much more job positions and you can google it if you wish to know more about it.

These were the main questions and answers concerning Tourism Management program. Do you have any other questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments or contact one of our ambassadors who specializes on Tourism program. They will share with you more information if you need! Or contact our study advisor:







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