Jun 5, 2018

Five tips for making new friends while studying abroad

Going to university is quite a stressing step in everyone’s life, while starting a university abroad may seem even more terrifying! If you are considering studying abroad, this phase may seem scary, but no panic! In this blog, I give you five tips for making new friends while studying abroad. 

1. Be active

Everyone understands how hard it can be, to be social active in a community with a different language and habits. However, an international university is an international environment where everyone’s opinion is highly appreciated. I recommend you to contribute actively to discussions during classes. Even if you are wrong, no one will judge you. However, other students will notice your activity and highlight the fact that you are a curious and interesting person. Do not only participate in class but attend various kinds of activities. This is the next tip in this blog.

2. Attend events

Even before coming to a new university, there are plenty of opportunities to get to know new people. For example, attend an open day. There you can meet your possible new friends before coming to a new destination! Upon my arrival at HZ University of Applied Sciences, for example, an introduction week was held in the first week where I met new fellow students as well as people from other programs and study years.

In addition, most universities usually have different clubs for your leisure time. Such as in the case of HZ, where I study, these are HZ Cult, HZ Sport, FISA and other associations. I can assure you there are many amazing and creative people. I suggest you to keep an eye on events happening in the city via social media channels. Here we come to the next point of this blog.

3. Social media is your friend!

We all can’t live without social media and it became an integral part of our lives. So, let it work for you! Join all kinds of groups and communities to be up to date on what’s happening in the city or country. Look through parties, meet-ups, movies, concerts happening around. But don’t just observe, but participate as well! Believe me, there is no better way to find new friends.

4. Live in a student house

You can live in your own apartment but I would recommend choosing the student accommodation. Don’t you think it is better? This way you will be able to meet new people just on the first day at your new destination. This step will also allow you to develop your communication skills as well as step out from your usual environment. Here we finally came to the last tip.

5. Step out from your comfort zone

Of course, it is quite hard to find new people by constantly being locked in the room and sitting next to your laptop. Don’t make it happen! Do not isolate yourself from other people even if you don’t feel super sociable person. Go outside for a walk or to the cafe, study at university instead of home, invite someone for a coffee. Maybe by the time you decide to go outside, you will meet someone who eventually becomes an important person in your life.

I believe if you take into consideration some (or maybe all) of these tips for making friends while studying abroad, you will be surrounded by incredible people who will make your life more colorful.

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