May 27, 2019

Can I afford studying abroad?

Studying abroad is a big step for everyone, but one of the issues students worry the most is, of course: the money. We all know money is a very stressful thing to worry about.  Especially for students it is an important matter at the moment of taking the decision to study abroad.

Let's talk about the monetary possibilities for students in The Netherlands:  expenses, jobs, cost of living and scholarships are discussed. Furthermore, this article will help you making a better decision! Living in The Netherlands might sound expensive to your ears, but it isn't as expensive as you might think!

Here are some of the factors you must consider:

1) Job opportunities

Sometimes it can be hard to find a job in Vlissingen, since a lot places require you to speak Dutch, but with some determination it is possible. There are some places in the city and in the surroundings that are looking for students, where you don’t need to speak Dutch, and you can work part-time so your grades don’t get affected.

2) Expenses and cost of living

You have different supermarkets, from the most expensive to the cheapest, you can find almost everything you need for a fair price. Traveling is very cheap as well, as long as you travel by train using group tickets,  which are only 7€ and can be used for the whole day, as much as you want (following a specific route).

In Vlissingen, the cost of living is affordable, since it is a small city full of students. You can find a private room in a house with other students for approx. 250 to 400€, and studios (or flats) from 400 to 600€ (the Dutch government gives you financial help when you live in a studio). 

3) Scholarships 

The Dutch government offers two scholarships for students from the EU-EEA. One of them is a loan to the Dutch government, at a very low interest rate, and you receive during 12 months the amount of the tuition fees. The second one is a bit harder to get, since you need to work 56 hours per month, but way more money is received, only part of which is a loan.

To conclude, The Netherlands is a very affordable place to study. Maybe an effort has to be made, but the reward is worth it, since this is an amazing place to live and study!

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