Jan 11, 2018

5 benefits of studying abroad

Have you ever wondered about advantages of being in an international setting? In this blog, I am going to share with you some benefits you can gain while studying abroad and connecting to international students.

1) Personal development

Studying abroad is a big step in life; however, it will definitely leave some positive footprints inside your inner character for the rest of your life. You cannot imagine how independent and self-consistent studying abroad makes you. From my experience, I see a huge step in personal growth since I came to study in a different country. I see it not only in my character, but my friends and acquaintances changed a lot as well from the time we all came to study in the Netherlands.

2) Learning about cultures

This is I could say the most valuable experience you gain while doing your studies abroad. From day to day, you communicate with students coming all over the world. By spending time with them, you get to know their customs, traditions and maybe some strange habits as well, which is very funny and interesting to know. After coming to the Netherlands, I became more curious about different cultures and habits in various countries. It is interesting to observe and compare other destinations. Moreover, it is always amazing to meet a person from new country with values you did not know before.

3) Languages

Every person learns language in a different way, but it will definitely develop every day of your stay abroad! Most everybody has a different vocabulary and language experience and you will learn from other students. No matter how good you are at language, your vocabulary will become fuller. New words, funny expressions, grammar skills are all the aspects you will definitely gain while communicating abroad.

4) Career opportunities

You will be more likely to get the job when the employer will notice in your CV your experience of studying abroad. This will definitely mean that you are able to perform tasks very well during unexpected situations, have some knowledge in languages and retain communication skills.

5) Lifelong friends

Nothing can make your stay abroad better than meeting new international friends. You constantly spend time together by going to parties, studying, making some meals and doing other activities. Let’s assume you are already a student at HZ. Now think of countries you always wanted to visit but for some reasons could not afford it. Maybe there are some friends you gained during your studies? You see, it is much easier now to visit your dream place. Personally, I am sure that I can go to many countries of the world where my international friends will warmly welcome me.

5 benefits of studying abroad.jpg
Sunset Cruise in Vlissingen with my friends

If you are still wondering whether you want to study abroad or not, I suggest you to go through this blog again, read more HZ blogs, and decide for yourself, what would be the best choice for you. Remember that YOU create your own future.

And if you are thinking of studying in the Netherlands, download this whitepaper: "The Dutch Education System Explainded" or are you thinking about studying abroad? Read more on this page 


The Dutch Education System explained: studying abroad in the Netherlands.





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